Mineral and raw materials and fuel and energy resources

Almost 5 thousand deposits and mineral deposits have been identified and explored in the bowels of Belarus. In general, they contain about 30 types of mineral raw materials (Table 3.11). Fuel and energy resources in Belarus are represented by oil, peat, brown coal and oil shale. The main oil and gas-bearing territory is the Belarusian […]


The Republic of Belarus, according to its natural conditions, belongs to the average geographical zone of the CIS in terms of water availability. There are more than 10 thousand lakes and reservoirs in Belarus, the total volume of water in which is about 6 billion m3, and 20.8 thousand rivers with a total length of […]

Modern trends in the development of the world monetary system

A characteristic feature of our time is the development of regional economic and monetary integration, primarily in Western Europe. The mechanism of currency integration includes a set of monetary and credit methods of regulation, through which the convergence and mutual adaptation of national economies and monetary systems are carried out. In December 1991, in Maastricht, […]

Features of the world market of goods and services

The deepening of the international division of labor, the development of trade between countries inevitably leads to the formation of a world market. The world market of goods and services is a system of economic relations in the sphere of exchange, which is formed between subjects (states, enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity, financial institutions, […]