Double entry principle, errors and omissions

The fundamental method for compiling the balance of payments is the double recording of foreign trade transactions, which is based on the fact that each registered transaction corresponds to a payment in one form or another, and the balance of payments and receipts should converge. The double accounting system used in the preparation of the […]

The First Stage of Economic Sociology

The first stage (early 20s – mid-50s) coincided with the rapid development of empirical sociological research. In the formation of economic sociology, the most significant role was played by three areas: industrial (industrial) sociology; sociology of the organization; theory of social stratification and social mobility. The first two directions were associated with the search for […]

The essence of the basic terms of delivery, the purpose and objectives INCOTERMS

A foreign trade contract of sale, as a rule, involves the movement of goods over a fairly significant distance. When concluding this contract, therefore, it is always necessary to carefully regulate the issues of delivery of goods from the seller to the buyer, its loading, insurance, etc. In the practice of international trade, a number […]