The concept of production and production functions

Production is understood as any activity for the use of natural, material, technical and intellectual resources to obtain both material and intangible benefits. With the development of human society, the nature of production changes. In the early stages of human development, natural, natural, “naturally arising” elements of the productive forces dominated. And man himself at […]

Foreign experience in the organization of remuneration

The current wage structure of advanced market economies is the result of a long and contradictory transformation. It is based on the division of wages into two parts: the main (permanent) and additional (variable). The main part of the salary is formed from the tariff earnings of the worker (the product of the tariff rate […]

Programming as a form of state regulation of the economy

Programming is the most important form of state regulation of the economy and a type of planning. Its task is to ensure the solution of the most important problems of the development of the national economy, regional, intersectoral, sectoral, scientific and technical, social, environmental and other problems. It should ensure an integrated approach and a […]

Features of the world market of goods and services

The deepening of the international division of labor, the development of trade between countries inevitably leads to the formation of a world market. The world market of goods and services is a system of economic relations in the sphere of exchange, which is formed between subjects (states, enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity, financial institutions, […]

Other terms and conditions of the contract

This section contains all those conditions that the parties did not settle in the previous articles of the contract. Typically, these conditions are: the procedure for changing or cancelling the contract. In these conditions, it is usually stipulated that amendments to the contract and its cancellation require the written consent of both parties, issued in […]