Economic interest as a factor of economic behavior

In the process of conscious activity, a person masters, i.e. makes “his own”, the world around him, forming connections and relationships with the objects of this world. What, in this case, motivates the person himself, makes him be active? First of all, it is the need to satisfy material and spiritual needs with the help […]

Оптимальная комбинация ресурсов

Использование аппарата производственных функций дает возможность решения задачи об оптимальном использовании средств, предназначенных для приобретения производственных факторов. Предположим, что факторы (x1, …, xN) могут быть закуплены по ценам (p1, …, pN), а объем имеющихся средств для приобретения составляет b (руб.). Тогда соотношение, описывающие множество допустимых наборов факторов имеет вид: , Граничная линия этого множества, соответствующая […]

The essence, structure and concept of employment

One of the main goals of the national economy is to achieve a high level of employment. Employment should be understood as such activities of citizens that do not contradict the laws of the country, are aimed at satisfying personal or social needs and bring its subject earnings or income. The concept of “employment of […]

Economic cycle: concept, phases, causes and types

The development of social production, which depends on many factors, is not uniform and continuous. In some periods, the growth of total output is very rapid, in other years it is slower, sometimes there is even a decline. Thus, the economic development of countries does not occur evenly, i.e. it is characterized by macroeconomic instability, […]