The main directions of economic theory

Among the main directions of economic theory, we distinguish three: classical, Marxist and Keynesian. Classical economic theory developed in the XVIII century in England. Its first representative was Adam Smith. He was born in Scotland in the family of a customs official. He was educated at two universities – in Glasgow and in Oxford – […]

Methods of economic theory

Developing and creating economic theory, economic science uses a whole arsenal of research methods. The methods of economic theory are specific ways and techniques of its penetration into the secrets of the economy, the discovery and study of the laws of its functioning and development. In economic theory, a system of methods is used. The […]

The Second Stage of Economic Sociology

The second stage (50-70s) is associated with the structural and functional direction of theoretical sociology (T. Parsons, R. Merton, N. Smelser, K. Davis, D. Moore, and others), which is trying to correlate the economy with other subsystems of social life. Unlike the first stage, when the economy was seen as a whole, it is now […]