Local Governance and Self-Government: Status and Conceptual Provisions for Their Improvement

Local management is carried out by various bodies that differ from each other in the order of formation, competence, level of autonomy in solving local problems, the nature of relations with the central government.In this regard, in the system of local authorities it is necessary to distinguish between two types of bodies – appointed from […]

Experience of regional management in Germany

The active development of the theory and practice of regional management in Germany dates back to the post-war period, when regional disproportions became particularly noticeable. On the other hand, the reason for the increased attention of the leadership to regional problems was the increase in the stable state of the national economy, which allowed the […]

Countries of relatively mature capitalism. 

According to V.V. Volsky, this subgroup unites countries where the development of capitalist relations, their coverage of the territory and population of the country form and consolidate the nation, determine its socio-economic features and class specificity, specialization of its economy and place in the MRI. In other words, only relative maturity, the predominance of capitalist […]