Basic models, essence, principles and functions of social market economy

Although Germany is a textbook example of a country with a social market economy, the history of this type of economic system goes far beyond the German experience. Socio-economic models used in different countries have a pronounced specificity depending on the achieved level of development, historical path and national traditions. Nevertheless, there are several models […]

Territorial structure of the national economy

The territorial structure of the national economy reflects the distribution of productive forces in territorial terms. In this sense, economic regions, territorial complexes and territorial-production complexes (TPK) are distinguished in the Republic of Belarus. Work on territorial zoning in Belarus was carried out already in the 20s. Initially, they were associated with the zoning of […]

National economy as an economic category

The national economy is a system of social reproduction that has historically developed within certain territorial boundaries. The material basis of the national economy is the totality of the productive forces united in the industry. Thus, the category of “national economy” is revealed through such categories as “productive forces”, “industries”, “intersectoral complexes”. Productive forces are […]