Market and market economy

The concepts of “market” and “market economy” are not identical. As already mentioned, the market in one form or another has existed since then, since which commodity production operates. However, commodity production and the market do not always and necessarily lead to a market economy, although the latter implies a high level of market development. […]

Knitting industry

The largest centers are Pinsk, Zhodino, Soligorsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk. The footwear industry is also developing on local raw materials. The largest enterprises are located in Grodno, Minsk, Lida, Bobruisk. In Vitebsk, there is a joint venture with the German company “Scamander” for the production of shoes. The share of Vitebsk and Grodno regions accounts […]

The concept of "global financial market"

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the scale of the global financial market. If earlier the world financial market was traditionally considered to be part of the structure of the world loan capital market, now the border between them is becoming less clear and strict, since trade in financial and derivative […]

Basic competitive strategies

This topic focuses on gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage through a successful strategy and optimal value chain management. The study of the problems of creating and maintaining a competitive advantage is devoted to the fundamental work of M. Porter, Competitive Advantage. This topic is largely based on the material in this book. Consider also […]

Commercial offers (offers) and types of offers

If the initiative to conclude a transaction belongs to the exporter, he can send a commercial offer (offer) to the prospective buyer. An offer is an offer addressed to one or more specific persons that is sufficiently defined and expresses the intention of the person who made the offer to consider himself to have concluded […]