The concept of "technology"

The scientific and technological revolution is extremely diverse in the set of goods and services offered on the world market. In particular, technology becomes a commodity. International UN documents interpret the concept of “technology” in two ways: on the one hand, as a set of design solutions, methods and processes for the production of goods […]

The essence of international and global competition

The entry of companies into foreign markets is determined by four main reasons [15 p.212-213]: Attracting new customers. The development of foreign markets opens up opportunities for higher revenues, profits and long-term growth. This option is especially attractive in cases where the domestic market of the country is already saturated. Companies such as Cisco Systems, […]

Factors affecting the structure and content of the contract

The structure and content of the contract are largely individual in nature and are determined by the type of foreign trade operation, the subject of the transaction, as well as the degree of confidence in the partner. The parties to the transaction independently choose certain wordings of the articles of the contract, taking into account […]