Market type of economic system: market economy of perfect and imperfect form

Real life is always difficult to fit into the rigid framework of the scheme. Classification is a complex matter of science. Life often “confuses” it, making its own adjustments. Given this, scientific thought is not limited to the development of types, but is also engaged in the study of subtypes (species), which actually represent each […]

Status, trends and problems of regional governance in the Republic of Belarus

Belarus is a unitary state with a territory in207.6 thousand square kilometers, divided administratively into 6 regions (Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev). The regions, in turn, include 118 districts (Table 4). Table 4 Resource requirements by component Administrative divisionsOf the Republic of Belarus (2001) Region Territory, thousand sq. km. Population, thousand people Districts, […]

The concept and essence of "foreign economic relations" and "foreign economic activity"

The modern period of development of the world economy is characterized by further expansion and deepening of foreign economic relations. Through foreign economic relations, an international division of labor is carried out, the purpose of which is to save social labor in the process of production and exchange its results between different countries. Foreign economic […]

Trends in the development of the world monetary system

A characteristic feature of our time is the development of regional economic and monetary integration, primarily in Western Europe. The mechanism of currency integration includes a set of monetary and credit methods of regulation, through which rapprochement and mutual adaptation of national farms and currency systems are carried out. In December 1991, in Maastricht, EU […]

Stages of development of the world monetary system

Until 1914, the international movement of both long-term and short-term capital could be carried out almost without government control, since currency relations remained relatively stable, and inflationary processes in the international sphere were restrained. This happened due to the fact that interstate calculations were constantly adjusted by the gold standard mechanism. With the gold standard, […]