Sources of statistics of the balance of payments of the Republic of Belarus

According to the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the reporting balance of payments is compiled by the National Bank on the basis of data on the trade balance and other foreign trade flows (services, humanitarian aid, direct investment in commodity form, etc.) formed by the Ministry of Statistics together with the […]

Statistical tables and graphs

The results of statistical data processing are drawn up in the form of statistical tables. The tabular form allows you to present the material in the most convenient, compact, visual and rational way. The use of tables as a means of systematizing data can be found in the works of D. Ground, W. Petty, G. […]

Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of regional regulation of foreign economic relations

The development of conceptual foundations for the formation of an integrated system of management of foreign economic relations (including the territorial level), taking into account both the objective need for decentralization and the above-described inconsistency of this process leads to the problem of delimitation of foreign economic powers between the national and regional levels of […]

Contents of the check document

A check is a security that is issued in strict accordance with the requirements of the law and contains an uncompensated order (order) of the latch to the bank to pay a certain amount to the lender. Check mark – the name of the check document, which should be included in the text of the […]