Free economic zones as a factor of regional development

In the context of rapid scientific and technological progress and the aggravation of interstate and interregional competition, it is very important to prevent the Republic of Belarus and its regions from lagging behind in the field of advanced technologies, introducing the achievements of science and technology into production, strengthening competitiveness, and improving living standards. Among […]

Reproduction structure of the national economy

The reproductive structure of the national economy reflects such a functional aspect as the ability of the economy to resume the reproduction process in the future on the basis of its own resources, i.e. on the basis of the accumulation fund. Therefore, it is important to take into account the natural-material and cost structure of […]

Competitive stability of the company's position in comparison with the main rivals

Value chain analysis, strategic cost analysis and other types of determining the competitiveness of the company by costs are necessary measures, but they are not enough. For a more accurate assessment of the competitive capabilities and position of the company, a number of additional factors should be studied, namely: the prospects for strengthening (weakening) the […]