Leasing as a form of renewal of fixed assets

Currently, most enterprises in the Republic of Belarus, both new and functioning for a long time, are in dire need of modern and efficient equipment. The reason for this is the physical deterioration of a significant part of the fixed assets used in entrepreneurial activity, accelerated obsolescence, the emergence of new generations of equipment, etc. […]


Germany is one of the most important exporters and importers of the world. In 2000, Germany was in second place in terms of exports of goods (539.7 billion dollars, or 10% of all world exports), as well as in second place in imports of goods (466.6 billion dollars, or 8.4% of world imports). Somewhat more […]

Harmonization of international trade rules and conditions

In international trade, a lot of work is being done to unify the rules and conditions of international trade turnover. Thanks to the international unification of law, the differences in the regulation of relations on international trade in the national systems of States are erased, as a result of which a uniform law in the […]

Bill: concept, principles, functions and classification

The main problems that arise in the process of making international settlements are ensuring the reliability of payments and maximum convenience in the course of their implementation, both for sellers and buyers. One of the solutions to these problems is the bill. A bill is a security that is executed in strict accordance with the […]

The content of the international settlement system

The need for international settlements is caused by the presence of financial obligations of various nature arising in the process of implementing numerous forms of foreign economic relations, as well as foreign trade transactions between foreign partners. The conduct of financial transactions and the procedure for their execution is largely determined and depends on international […]