The essence and forms of manifestation of the socio-economic law of competition

What drives the development of large-scale industry of the capitalist economy? What makes it necessary to constantly revolutionize the division of labor and thereby radically change its content? What, finally, serves as a catalyst for the interaction of the laws of division and change of labor? What is the source of the constant emergence and […]

Timber Industry Complex

The timber industry complex (LPK) includes forestry, harvesting, mechanical processing and chemical processing of wood. The timber industry complex of Belarus includes more5 thousand enterprises (in 1990 there were less than 4 thousand of them), and about 4000 of them are large and medium-sized, consisting on an independent balance sheet. The enterprises of the timber […]

Estimating the accuracy of random variable prediction

The easiest way to characterize the accuracy of the forecast is to indicate the extent of fluctuations in the values of a random variable in the sample. The range of oscillations is the difference between the maximum and minimum values, the larger it is, the lower the accuracy of the forecast. But this characteristic has […]