Theories of value

Studying the value of the goods is very difficult due to the following circumstances. Value cannot be detected directly on the surface of economic life, since it expresses internal economic relations invisible to the eye. In this regard, A. Smith divided the economic system into two types of relations: exogenous and endogenous (named so in […]

Iterative solution of the problem

Problem Statement Let’s assume that in the market of one product, the demand function D(t) and the supply function S(t) are linear functions of the price P(t) at time t or the price P(t-1) of the previous point in time. Demand function: D(t) = α + A* P(t),               […]

Cartoon model

The method of determining the seasonal component (in relation to the multiplicative model, it is often called the seasonality index) is in many respects similar to the additive model. As in the previous case, centered moving averages are determined and seasonal deviations are found with their help. But unlike the additive model, seasonal deviations are […]

Money Market Equilibrium

The money market model combines the supply and demand of money. At first, for the sake of simplicity, we can assume that the supply of money is controlled by the Central (National) Bank and fixed at the level of . The price level will also be assumed to be stable, which is quite acceptable for […]