Strategy and ways to attract foreign investment to the regions

Modern foreign experience shows that in any sufficiently developed state there is a strict system of protection of its national markets from excessive penetration of foreign capital, and the attraction of financial and other resources from abroad is always based on a carefully developed state concept of attracting foreign investment. To develop a regional policy […]

Infrastructure of the regions

The effectiveness of the use of the natural resource and social potential of the region largely depends on the availability of infrastructure – a set of enterprises and organizations related to industries that ensure the uninterrupted, effective functioning of a large number of other enterprises and organizations, often belonging to several industries and spheres of […]

Bank loan and its forms

The need for credit is due to the fact that some households and enterprises have temporarily free cash, while others need them. In a market economy, the main suppliers of cash are households (the private sector), and consumers are businesses. Their interaction is carried out through intermediaries: commercial banks, investment companies, insurance companies, brokerage offices, […]