Structure of the balance of payments of Belarus

As you know, the balance of payments is a statistical report, where data on the country’s foreign economic operations for a certain period of time are presented in a systematic form. In Belarus, such operations that are performed between residents and non-residents include operations with goods, services, income, as well as financial requirements and obligations […]

Income accounts

Income accounts are central to the SNA, they link the result of the production of products and services with the formation of income and capital formation, with the change in financial assets and liabilities, with the accumulation of national wealth.


The formation and formation of the modern model of economic development of Canada was preceded by a number of historical, political and socio-economic events in the life of the state, which, in turn, predetermined the development strategy of a highly developed state. The period 1980-1985 can be called  The Canadian “Reaganomics”, characterized as the promotion […]

Business Models and Strategies in E-Commerce

The development of Internet technologies and e-commerce forms the economy of the future and generates new business opportunities, including the formation of the Internet infrastructure; leads to the formation of a global e-commerce environment. The desire of new and traditional companies to realize the capabilities of the Internet gives rise to innovative business models and […]