Conceptual foundations for improving the public administration of the regions in the Republic of Belarus

Despite the absence in the Republic of Belarus of pronounced negative processes in the field of interregional relations, which to one degree or another is inherent in both countries with economies in transition to the market and the states of the world economic elite (see lecture No. 2), many Belarusian regional scientists are inclined to […]

Theory, methodology and practice of regional forecasting and planning

An important form of regional policy is forecasting and planning. The main goal of regional forecasting and planning is to substantiate the directions and prospects for the development of the region for the development of economic and social policy and the adoption of appropriate management decisions. Forecasting regional development is a foresight of the socio-economic […]

Economic diagnostics of regions

Conducting an effective regional policy requires in-depth analysis and diagnostics of the socio-economic development of the regions. If the subject of the analysis is the connections and dependencies of economic phenomena and processes in all their diversity, then the diagnosis, based on the results of the analysis, reveals the causes and magnitude of the deviation […]


For the first time, an attempt to determine the meaning of foreign trade, to formulate its goals, was made in the economic doctrine of mercantilists. Mercantilists (Thomas Moon, Charles Davenant, Jean Baptiste Colbert, William Petty) held a statistical view of the world, which, from their point of view, had only a limited amount of wealth. […]