Structure of the balance of payments of Belarus

As you know, the balance of payments is a statistical report, where data on the country’s foreign economic operations for a certain period of time are presented in a systematic form. In Belarus, such operations that are performed between residents and non-residents include operations with goods, services, income, as well as financial requirements and obligations […]

Statistical study of the dynamics of socio-economic phenomena

The development of social phenomena in time is called dynamics. A number of statistical indicators characterizing the development of social phenomena in time are called series of dynamics. The importance of the series of dynamics is that they make it possible to identify the patterns of development of phenomena, facilitate their analysis. Each row consists […]

Signs of bankruptcy

The financial position of the enterprise depends on the results of its production, commercial and financial activities. Uninterrupted production and sale of high-quality products have a positive effect on the financial condition of the enterprise. Failures in the production process, deterioration of product quality, difficulties in its implementation lead to a decrease in funds on […]

Bankruptcy: the concept, causes and factors causing it

Bankruptcy is the insolvency of the debtor, which has or acquires a stable character, recognized by the economic court or lawfully declared by the debtor. In economically developed countries, bankruptcy is considered as a normal phenomenon of economic life. It is designed to play a crucial role in the system of functioning of the economy […]

Currency position of banks

Banks perform operations on the purchase and sale of foreign currency both on behalf of customers and at their own expense and on their own behalf. When the bank makes independent transactions for the sale of foreign currency, the ratio of claims and liabilities of the bank in foreign currency is violated. The ratio of […]