Infrastructure of the regions

The effectiveness of the use of the natural resource and social potential of the region largely depends on the availability of infrastructure – a set of enterprises and organizations related to industries that ensure the uninterrupted, effective functioning of a large number of other enterprises and organizations, often belonging to several industries and spheres of […]

Estimating the accuracy of random variable prediction

The easiest way to characterize the accuracy of the forecast is to indicate the extent of fluctuations in the values of a random variable in the sample. The range of oscillations is the difference between the maximum and minimum values, the larger it is, the lower the accuracy of the forecast. But this characteristic has […]

Main macroeconomic identities

The system of basic indicators of the national product makes it possible to derive a number of macroeconomic identities. The basic macroeconomic identity (income identity) reflects the equality of income and expenditure: Y=C+I+G+Xn, where Y is income, which is equal to GNP. Other important identities are used in macroeconomic analysis. The identity of savings and […]