National wealth statistics

The most important indicator characterizing the economic power of the country is national wealth. National wealth is a set of material goods accumulated in society as a result of the previous labor of people, and natural resources suitable for use. The composition of national wealth should include the totality of the country’s resources (economic assets), […]

Planning and forecasting of agro-industrial complex

In the system of measures regulating the development of the agro-industrial complex, a special place is given to planning, forecasting and programming. Plans, forecasts and programs reflect the goals, objectives and directions of development of the agro-industrial complex and its components, its subcomplexes, the solution of the most important problems, the main parameters characterizing the […]

Program-target method

The program-target method acts as the most important method of solving complex problems, usually of an interdepartmental nature. It involves doing the following: target analysis (goal decomposition); building a hierarchy of goals and identifying their interrelations and mutual influence; development and implementation of a program that ensures the achievement of goals. Goal decomposition is the […]

Normative planning method

The normative method is a planning method based on the application of norms and standards to substantiate planning, program and forecast documents. Norms are absolute indicators reflecting the consumption of resources (material, labor, financial) per unit of production, work, services. There are technical and economic, financial, socio-economic, environmental, etc. For example, the rate of consumption […]