Basic models, essence, principles and functions of social market economy

Although Germany is a textbook example of a country with a social market economy, the history of this type of economic system goes far beyond the German experience. Socio-economic models used in different countries have a pronounced specificity depending on the achieved level of development, historical path and national traditions. Nevertheless, there are several models […]

Major capitalist countries

USA, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Canada (they are also called the Big Seven). These countries lead the world in terms of economic, scientific and technological potential, total GDP, the most diversified economies, and the largest human potential.  These countries account for about 70% of the world’s industrial output, all foreign direct investment. […]

Integration processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was established in 1991 and the CIS Charter, signed in 1992, consists of several sections: objectives and principles; membership; collective security and military-political cooperation; conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes; cooperation in the economic, social and legal spheres; Commonwealth bodies, inter-parliamentary cooperation, financial issues. The CIS member […]

International Corporations

International corporations and their types. Reasons for the existence of TNCs. One of the remarkable phenomena of modern economic life is the wide spread of the so-called international corporations. The main distinguishing feature of an international corporation is the ownership, control or management of the means of production in various countries. A prerequisite for this […]

Indicators of globalization

Some aspects of the impact of globalization on the national economy deserve special mention. First of all, we note the extremely high growth rate of foreign direct investment, far exceeding the growth rate of world GDP. These investments play a key role in technology transfer, industrial restructuring, the formation of global enterprises, which has a […]