Sources of statistics of the balance of payments of the Republic of Belarus

According to the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the reporting balance of payments is compiled by the National Bank on the basis of data on the trade balance and other foreign trade flows (services, humanitarian aid, direct investment in commodity form, etc.) formed by the Ministry of Statistics together with the […]

Overall macroeconomic equilibrium

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Model (AD-AS) The equilibrium of supply and demand in the national economy is reached at the intersection of the aggregate demand and aggregate supply curves (Figure 8.2). Suppose the price level is P1. At this level, supply would be Q1 and demand would be Q2. Since demand exceeds supply, competition […]

The system of bodies and agents of currency control in the Republic of Belarus

The main areas of currency control of the Republic of Belarus are: determination of the conformity of currency transactions with foreign exchange legislation; ensuring control over the movement of foreign currency and other currency values across the customs border of the Republic of Belarus; preventing the legalization of illegally obtained income; verification of the completeness […]