The first stage in the development of sociology

The first stage (early 20s – mid-30s) was characterized by theoretical research on the means of scientific substantiation of social phenomena in the new economic conditions; The leadership of post-revolutionary Russia suffered a very heavy economic defeat on the economic front and consciously raised the question of a new economic policy, “On the economic front, […]

Scheme of the static model of the intersectoral balance in the system of national accounts

The intersectoral balance is an economic and mathematical model of the reproduction process, which in a detailed form reflects the relationships on the production, distribution and accumulation of the social product in the context of the net branches of the national economy and in the unity of the material and material and value aspects of […]

Planning and forecasting of industries

In the system of state regulation of industry, forecasting, planning and programming occupy a central place. Forecasting the industry allows you to determine the main directions of its development with the allocation of the main aspects of activity: the development of the technical base of production, the organizational and technical level of production, the need […]