Indicators of income use and accumulation

After the redistribution of income, the process of their use is carried out, which is characterized by indicators of expenditure on final consumption, actual final consumption of goods and services, gross and net savings, gross accumulation and consumption of fixed capital, changes in stocks of values, land and other capital transfers, changes in net worth […]

Social stereotypes of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Human thinking is the product of millions of years of evolution based on the struggle for existence. In the process of this fierce struggle, the organization of thinking was improved, those qualities that ensured the survival of man were fixed and reproduced. Abstract-figurative thinking, capable of operating with classes of objects, developed, the conceptual apparatus […]


Germany is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. In the modern borders, Germany was formed in 1990 of the  twentieth century as a result of the unification of two states – the FRG and the GDR. Legally, this was formalized as the entry into the FRG of five lands recreated on […]

Modern trends in the development of international economic relations

The main trends in the development of international economic relations at present are the processes of international economic integration, globalization and transnationalization of the world economy. International economic integration is the convergence and mutual adaptation of national economies, their inclusion in a single reproductive process on an international scale. International economic integration can be characterized […]