Structure and relations of economic sciences

Economic science as a whole is a complex formation that has its own structure. It can be imagined in the form of a large building, where many floors of economic sciences rise on a single powerful foundation. This foundation for all “floors” is economic theory. There are several blocks in this “building”. The closest to […]

Psycho-emotional features of economic thinking and their impact on economic behavior

Economic sociology, interacting with economic psychology, considers a person who is economic not only as an individual thinking, weighing, calculating, but also feeling, experiencing, expressing his attitude to facts, phenomena, events, other people in the form of emotions. What are emotions and how do they affect economic (i.e., rational by definition) human behavior? Emotions are […]

Quantitative approach to utility and demand analysis

The starting point of the functioning of any economic system is the needs of people. Consumption is the process of satisfying needs. Good is a means of satisfying needs. There are a huge number of goods that satisfy the needs. What kind of good, and in what quantity should be produced, is determined by the […]

Free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus

The process of creating free economic zones in the Republic of Belarus began relatively recently. In accordance with the national “Concept for the organization of free (special) economic zones in the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, the creation of FEZs is considered as an important link in the implementation of the principles of an […]