The concept of optimization problems and optimization models

Economic and mathematical problems, the purpose of which is to find the best (optimal) from the point of view of some criterion or criteria for the use of available resources (labor, capital, etc.), are called optimization. Optimization problems (OZ) are solved using optimization models (OM) by methods of mathematical programming. The structure of the optimization […]

Determining the Trend of a Time Series

After seasonal variations have been excluded from the original time series, the trend of the time series is determined in the traditional way. The type of dependence for the trend (linear or nonlinear) is selected and then the coefficients of the regression equation are determined by the method of least squares. However, due to the […]

Harmonization of international trade rules and conditions

In international trade, a lot of work is being done to unify the rules and conditions of international trade turnover. Thanks to the international unification of law, the differences in the regulation of relations on international trade in the national systems of States are erased, as a result of which a uniform law in the […]