Private Equity

Direct investments are the first group of items in the financial account of the balance of payments. Direct investment – a group of items of the financial account of the balance of payments, reflecting the stable influence of an institutional unit – a resident of one economy (direct investor) on an institutional unit – a […]

Consolidated income distribution account

For a generalized understanding of the reflection of the processes of distribution and redistribution of income and their results, expressed in the formation of disposable income of the economy, these processes can be reflected in the summary account. The consolidated income distribution account reflects the distribution and redistribution of a country’s income at the level […]


One of the most important forms of foreign economic relations for the UK is the export of capital. In terms of direct foreign investment, the country ranks third after the United States and Japan. Profits from the export of capital are twice as high as commodity exports. The geography of capital exports has changed significantly. […]

Reproduction structure of the national economy

The reproductive structure of the national economy reflects such a functional aspect as the ability of the economy to resume the reproduction process in the future on the basis of its own resources, i.e. on the basis of the accumulation fund. Therefore, it is important to take into account the natural-material and cost structure of […]

Natural resources of the republic and their problems rational use

Natural resources or natural resource potencies-In a broad sense, it is that part of natural conditions and natural resources that can really be involved in economic activity with the given scientific, technical and socio-economic capabilities of society without disturbing the natural balance. In a narrower economic concept, it is a set of natural resources available […]