The main stages of building a mathematical model

To use a mathematical model for a specific production and economic situation, information technology should be applied. Information technology makes it possible to accurately distinguish from the set of real production and economic situations exactly the one that fully corresponds to specific circumstances. This technology consists of the following eight stages. Step 1. SELECTION OF […]

Features of economic observations and measurements

For a long time, the main obstacle to the practical application of mathematical modeling in the economy is the filling of the developed models with concrete and qualitative information. The accuracy and completeness of primary information, the real possibilities of its collection and processing largely determine the choice of types of application models. On the […]

Methods and tools of influence on the development of regions

The characterization of a regional policy would be incomplete without a description of the methods and tools by which it is implemented. Methods and tools for implementing regional policy are a set, an arsenal of means and levers of influence of national and local authorities on the development of regions. There are three main groups […]

The Mechanism for Achieving Macroeconomic Equilibrium with the Help of the Keynes Cross

To avoid significant losses from the decline in production, an active state policy is needed to regulate aggregate demand. Therefore, Keynesian economic theory is often called the theory of aggregate demand. Actual investments include both planned and unplanned investments. The latter are unforeseen changes in investments in inventories (TMZ). These unplanned investments function as a […]

Consumption, savings, investments in the system of macroeconomic equilibrium

As already noted, consumption and investment are important components of aggregate demand, with savings having a significant impact on investment. Investment is usually understood as the use of savings in order to create new production capacities and capital assets. When determining the content of investments, economic and financial aspects are usually distinguished. The economic content […]