Among the branches of intangible production, a special place is occupied by trade, the provision of financial and banking services. There is a process of softization of the economy, that is, an increase in the role of intangible resources: information, tourism and communication. The provision of business services related to production services: consulting, engineering, marketing […]


This group can include the republics of the former Soviet Union, as well as a number of countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, as well as in Asia – Mongolia. Four states in the world remain still socialist, they are also included […]

Countries of Resettlement Capitalism

These include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel. The main distinguishing feature of this subgroup is that they did not actually know feudalism: capitalist relations were brought here by immigrants from Europe. At the same time, unlike the United States, which at one time was a country of resettlement capitalism, its history of development […]

Machine-Building Complex

The intersectoral machine-building complex unites enterprises and production of mechanical engineering and metalworking (and in the conditions of Belarus includes metallurgy), aimed at meeting the needs of the national economy in the means of production, tools, and long-term consumption items. Since 1975, in terms of gross output, the cost of fixed production assets and the […]

Harmonization of international trade rules and conditions

In international trade, a lot of work is being done to unify the rules and conditions of international trade turnover. Thanks to the international unification of law, the differences in the regulation of relations on international trade in the national systems of States are erased, as a result of which a uniform law in the […]