Capital and Financial Transactions Account

The international movement of goods and services recorded in the current account of the balance of payments must be financed in some way. Financing is shown within several groups of balance of payments items, which are sometimes simplified as the balance of capital flows. Capital and financial account balance is a group of balance of […]

Methods and tools of influence on the development of regions

The characterization of a regional policy would be incomplete without a description of the methods and tools by which it is implemented. Methods and tools for implementing regional policy are a set, an arsenal of means and levers of influence of national and local authorities on the development of regions. There are three main groups […]

Aggregate demand and aggregate supply: concepts, structure and factors that determine them

The section “Microeconomics” analyzes the demand, supply and price of individual goods in single markets. In the section “Macroeconomics” these categories are considered at the level of the national economy. Therefore, here the concepts of “demand”, “supply” and “price” are applied to all products and services created in the country, i.e. to the national product. […]