Countries of outwardly oriented adaptive development

This subgroup includes countries located both in Latin America and in Asia and Africa. In Latin America, these are: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru; in Asia, Turkey; in Africa – Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia. They are characterized by the export orientation of the industry, which is developing with massive penetration into the industry of foreign companies […]

State regulation of foreign trade activities in the Republic of Belarus

With regard to the regulatory and legislative framework governing foreign trade activities, I would like to note that a fairly extensive legislative framework has been established in the Republic of Belarus in the form of Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Laws of the Republic of Belarus, Resolutions of the Council of […]

Regulatory and supervisory system foreign economic activity in the Republic of Belarus

In different countries, there are different priorities in the foreign economic sphere, in general, and in foreign trade, in particular, and this is reflected in the system of state regulation and in the structure of the apparatus of state regulation in this area. As for the Republic of Belarus, since its independence, the formation and […]

Purchasing power parity theory

The basis of this theory is the nominalistic and quantitative theory of money. The founders of this idea were the English economists D.Yum and D. Ricardo. The latter argued that the low cost of pounds sterling led to a trade deficit: “… the export of a coin is caused by its cheapness and is not […]

Forfaiting as a method of lending to foreign economic activity

The emergence of the forfaiting market is determined by changes in the structure of the global economy that occurred in the late 50s and early 60s, when the market for the seller of manufactured goods was gradually transformed into the market for the buyer of these goods. The significant development of international trade was accompanied […]