Current transfers

Transfers include the inter-country transfer of material resources, when in exchange the country does not receive any value equivalent, i.e. depending on the direction of the transfer, it is reflected in the balance of payments only by credit or debit. Transfers are current and capital. Current transfers are included in the current account of the […]

Fundamentals and features of denationalization and privatization of state property in the Republic of Belarus

The production of different goods or different branches of production develop unequally rapidly: some reach a high technical and technological level, while others may, for various reasons, lag behind and be at a lower level. Different levels of productive forces may correspond to different forms of ownership, even in the same country. For example, such […]

Diversification of production

Diversification of economic activity is the expansion of the activity of large firms, associations, enterprises and entire industries beyond the core business, which is understood as the production of goods and services that have the maximum share in net sales compared to other types of products. Diversification – in a broad sense – a strategic […]

Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project

Evaluation of effectiveness should be carried out based on the interests of all its participants: a foreign investor, an enterprise and local and republican authorities. According to methodological recommendations, the following types of economic efficiency are distinguished: commercial (financial) efficiency, taking into account the financial results of the project for its direct participants; budget efficiency, […]

Oil-exporting countries with high oil trading revenues

These are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Libya. These countries have very high per capita incomes, a positive balance of payments,  and external investment. They are distinguished by the low level of development of productive forces: more recently, the majority of the population of these countries was engaged in nomadic cattle breeding and […]