Countries of relatively mature capitalism. 

According to V.V. Volsky, this subgroup unites countries where the development of capitalist relations, their coverage of the territory and population of the country form and consolidate the nation, determine its socio-economic features and class specificity, specialization of its economy and place in the MRI. In other words, only relative maturity, the predominance of capitalist […]


The largest 2nd group, which includes the vast majority of countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania. Overall, these countries account for 61% of the world’s territory and about 75% of the world’s population,  but only 15.5% of manufacturing output. Young countries produce 15-16 times less industrial output per capita than developed countries. In […]

Countries with an average level of capitalism development

This subgroup includes such countries of Western Europe as: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland;  countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia; former newly industrialized countries: Republic of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. The first two countries possessed in the past huge colonial possessions in the New World and lived by exploiting […]