In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments

In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments, it is always balanced, which reflects the standard presentation of the balance of payments. The concept of a positive or negative balance applies only to its individual parts. It should be noted that the balance of payments alone cannot have an unambiguous interpretation in […]

Classification principles

Since the balance of payments is a statistical summary of a country’s transactions with the outside world, each transaction must belong to a particular section in accordance with certain classification principles. The definition of standard balance-of-payments components is based on the following main considerations: the allocated balance of payments component should differ in behavioural patterns […]

Infrastructure of the regions

The effectiveness of the use of the natural resource and social potential of the region largely depends on the availability of infrastructure – a set of enterprises and organizations related to industries that ensure the uninterrupted, effective functioning of a large number of other enterprises and organizations, often belonging to several industries and spheres of […]

Monetary system: concept, structure and types

Money plays an exceptional role in a market economy, the functioning of which is based on commodity-money relations. Money is often called the language of the market, since with their help the circulation of goods and resources is carried out. Therefore, the market is impossible without money, without money circulation. Money circulation is a continuous […]

Regulatory and supervisory system foreign economic activity in the Republic of Belarus

In different countries, there are different priorities in the foreign economic sphere, in general, and in foreign trade, in particular, and this is reflected in the system of state regulation and in the structure of the apparatus of state regulation in this area. As for the Republic of Belarus, since its independence, the formation and […]