Current transfers

Transfers include the inter-country transfer of material resources, when in exchange the country does not receive any value equivalent, i.e. depending on the direction of the transfer, it is reflected in the balance of payments only by credit or debit. Transfers are current and capital. Current transfers are included in the current account of the […]

Economic operations

Institutional units, interacting with each other, carry out economic transactions among themselves, which are reflected in the SNA. The time of the macroeconomic operation is considered to be the moment of occurrence of the relevant obligations (usually the moment of transfer of ownership is the execution of the order, which may or may not coincide […]

The concept of strategy, competitive strategy

The word “strategy” comes from the Greek strategos, “the art of the general.” The military origin of the term should come as no surprise. It was strategos that allowed Alexander the Great to conquer the world [10 p.257]. In the military, this concept also means “plan to defeat the enemy”, “the art of military management”. […]

Market: essence, functions, forms

Market: 1) place of purchase and sale of goods and services, conclusion of trade transactions; 2) economic relations related to the exchange of goods and services, as a result of which demand, supply and price are formed. The structure of the markets is extremely diverse. According to the type of goods sold, markets of raw […]