Sources of information on the balance of payments are: Customs statistics – transactions with goods registered by the customs authorities. The customs authorities record in their reports the value of consignments of goods exported and imported into the country, as they are declared by suppliers. The main errors may arise in connection with the overestimation […]

Secondary income distribution account

The secondary income distribution account shows how the balance of the primary income of an economy, institutional unit or sector is transformed into their disposable income through the receipt and payment of current transfers, excluding social transfers in kind. The purpose of the account is to reflect the maximum amount that a sector or the […]

Tariff system of remuneration

The tariff system is a set of normative acts by which the differentiation and regulation of wages of various groups and categories of workers is carried out depending on the severity, complexity, intensity of labor and level of qualification, as well as the characteristics of the types of work, industries in which workers are employed. […]

Centers for International Labour Migration

Practice shows that the directions of international migration flows are not permanent. In the first third of the twentieth century, more than half of all emigrants flocked to the United States. The remaining part of the migrants was divided approximately equally between the British dominions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and the countries of […]