Search and selection of experts

The composition of experts involved in forecasting is a key parameter determining the quality of the future forecast, for this selection of experts it is necessary to pay close attention. It is possible to identify the initial circle of persons who are potential candidates for experts by publications, since authors writing about the object of […]

Inquiries (orders) and trade fairs as a tool conclusion of foreign trade transactions

If the initiative to conclude a transaction comes from the buyer, then his appeal to the seller with a request to send an offer (offer) is called a request. One of the main goals of requests is to obtain competitive offers from export firms to choose the best. The request usually indicates the exact name […]

Legislative bases of currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

International settlement and monetary relations of the Republic of Belarus with countries of far and near abroad, as well as the procedure and areas of application of foreign currencies by domestic organizations, enterprises and citizens, are regulated by a number of legislative acts and instructional materials. The legislative acts and departmental instructions on currency issues […]