Statistics on the standard of living and consumption of the population

It is common to define the standard of living, first of all, as a set of products and services that an individual, family, or social group consumes. In a broad sense, the concept of the standard of living includes, in addition to consumption, living conditions, health, education, morality and the use of free time by […]

Calculation of the number of employees of the enterprise

Determining the need for labor resources includes the calculation of the number both in the enterprise as a whole and in the categories of industrial and production personnel, the definition of additional need and sources of its coverage. The number of employees in the enterprise as a whole is determined enlarged, based on the volume […]

Contents of the check document

A check is a security that is issued in strict accordance with the requirements of the law and contains an uncompensated order (order) of the latch to the bank to pay a certain amount to the lender. Check mark – the name of the check document, which should be included in the text of the […]