System of National Accounts

Cause-and-effect relationships between the most important sectors of economic activity are usually expressed through the System of National Accounts (SNA) developed by international organizations. The system of national accounts is a set of internationally recognized rules for accounting for economic activity, reflecting all major macroeconomic relations, including the interaction of national and international economies. The […]

Economic feasibility of importing technologies

By importing new technologies, the buyer usually achieves significant savings in money and time in comparison with independent developments in this area. Large-scale research and development-This work is costly, time-consuming, and the expected results are not always certain. Therefore, it is often easier to buy than to make it yourself. By acquiring new technologies, the […]

Firm-line policies and arbitrary macroeconomic policies

The choice between active and passive macroeconomic policy models is not the same as the choice between “firm-course policies” and “freedom of action”. A coherent macroeconomic policy (“firm-course policy” or “playing by the rules”) implies an early choice of measures that can be taken in a particular situation and which predetermine the practical steps of […]

The essence and types of fiscal policy

Fiscal (fiscal) policy – measures of the government to change public spending, taxation and the state of the state budget, aimed at ensuring full employment, balance of payments equilibrium, economic growth in the production of non-inflationary GDP (GNP). The main instruments for the implementation of fiscal policy are tax and budget regulators. Tax regulators include […]

Inflation: essence, causes, types and consequences

The term inflation (from the Latin inflatio – swelling) was first used in North America during the Civil War (1861-1865) and denoted the process of swelling of the paper and money supply. Inflation is a multifactorial phenomenon that manifests itself in the overflow of the sphere of circulation with paper money in excess of the […]