Subjects of the economic system

An economic system does not exist outside of human society, so there are many subjects operating in it. The subjects of the economic system are the participants who function in this system, whose needs, interests and goals are realized in it. Since there are many subjects, but certain of them have close or unambiguous functions […]

Modern concepts, functions and structure of the economic system

So what is an economic system? A system in general means a complex and interconnected set of some elements. And although economists do not argue with this, their ideas about what an economic system is are far from unambiguous. There are several approaches to this problem. One of them is called “technological”. With this approach, […]

Statistical study of the relationship of socio-economic phenomena

The study of modern production shows that each phenomenon is in close interrelation and interaction. When studying specific dependencies, some signs act as factors that cause a change in other signs. The signs of this group are called signs-factors (factor signs), and the signs that are the result of the influence of these factors are […]

Competition strategies in the era of globalization

The globalization of the world economy is accelerating as countries, previously closed to foreign companies, open their markets and the Internet destroys distances. In the twenty-first century, any company wishing to achieve leadership in the industry should think about leadership in a global market, not a local one. In these conditions, ambitious, development-oriented companies are […]

Strategies for uncompetitive companies and companies in crisis

For a company that is on the decline and losing its competitive position, it is advisable to choose one of the following four strategies. A company with sufficient financial resources can apply an offensive strategy for overcoming the crisis: radically reduce costs or go for an original differentiation of goods; by investing money and talent […]