Iterative solution of the problem

Problem Statement Let’s assume that in the market of one product, the demand function D(t) and the supply function S(t) are linear functions of the price P(t) at time t or the price P(t-1) of the previous point in time. Demand function: D(t) = α + A* P(t),               […]

The concept of production and production functions

Production is understood as any activity for the use of natural, material, technical and intellectual resources to obtain both material and intangible benefits. With the development of human society, the nature of production changes. In the early stages of human development, natural, natural, “naturally arising” elements of the productive forces dominated. And man himself at […]

Solving the Optimization Problem of Linear Programming in Excel

Let an enterprise (for example, a furniture factory) produce tables and chairs. The consumption of resources for their production and the profit from their sale are presented below: TABLES CHAIRS VOLUME RESOURCES Consumption of wood per product, m3 0,5 0,04 200 Labor consumption, person-hour 12 0,6 1800 Profit from sales units of the product, rub. […]

Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of regional regulation of foreign economic relations

The development of conceptual foundations for the formation of an integrated system of management of foreign economic relations (including the territorial level), taking into account both the objective need for decentralization and the above-described inconsistency of this process leads to the problem of delimitation of foreign economic powers between the national and regional levels of […]


Japan accounts for 12% of global industrial production. Mainly new and new industries based on advanced technologies are developing: 1) production of communications and informatics; 2) production of  new composite materials; 3) biotechnology. The country ranks first in the world in the production of ships,  metal-cutting machines, industrial robots, photographic equipment and other products. A […]