Current transfers

Transfers include the inter-country transfer of material resources, when in exchange the country does not receive any value equivalent, i.e. depending on the direction of the transfer, it is reflected in the balance of payments only by credit or debit. Transfers are current and capital. Current transfers are included in the current account of the […]

Models of the company (manufacturer)

The company’s costs for the production of products, the task of their minimization Cost classification. Any production is associated with the costs of raw materials, electricity, labor, equipment, land and so on. Without the use of the necessary resources, it is impossible to create new goods. Production costs are a set of costs incurred by […]

Methods of accounting for scientific and technological progress

It should be considered generally recognized that over time in an enterprise that maintains a fixed number of employees and a constant amount of fixed assets, output increases. This means that in addition to the usual production factors associated with the cost of resources, there is a factor that is usually called scientific and technological […]

The concept of correlation and regression analysis

To solve the problems of economic analysis and forecasting, statistical, reporting or observable data are very often used. At the same time, it is believed that these data are values of a random variable. A random variable is a variable that, depending on the case, takes different values with some probability. The law of distribution […]

Cartoon model

The method of determining the seasonal component (in relation to the multiplicative model, it is often called the seasonality index) is in many respects similar to the additive model. As in the previous case, centered moving averages are determined and seasonal deviations are found with their help. But unlike the additive model, seasonal deviations are […]