Primary Income Distribution Account (current prices)

Use Resources Income from property transferred to the “rest of the world” Subsidies for production and imports Primary income balance (gross) (p5.-p.6 – p.7) Total (p.6 + p.7 + p.8) 1. Gross profit and gross mixed income Wages of employees Taxes on production and imports Property income derived from the “rest of the world” Total […]


One of the most important forms of foreign economic relations for the UK is the export of capital. In terms of direct foreign investment, the country ranks third after the United States and Japan. Profits from the export of capital are twice as high as commodity exports. The geography of capital exports has changed significantly. […]

Calculation of the marginal costs of the intermediate product when increasing the export of agricultural products

Next, let’s put the question as follows: what should be the gross outputs of industries next year, if it is planned to get rid of the predominance of imports of agricultural products, i.e. production is planned to be increased so that the KP for the industry would become zero. The system of equations for solving […]