Sources of formation of working capital of the enterprise

According to the source of formation, working capital is divided into own, borrowed and attracted. The source of formation of own working capital is the authorized capital or authorized capital. Part of the funds invested by the founders in these funds is directed to cover the constant need for the minimum necessary production stocks of […]

The concept of the foreign exchange market. Main types of currency markets

The international exchange of goods, services and capital requires the implementation of appropriate calculations, the implementation of which requires the exchange of one currency for another. As a result, importers, exporters, investors, trade intermediaries, other businessmen, tourists are forced to convert both national and foreign currency for the final settlement of foreign trade relations. Currency […]

Exchange rate theories

Exchange rate theories have a number of features that are characteristic of each of them: denial of the theory of labor value, the value of the exchange rate, the commodity nature of money; a men’s concept is an exaggeration of the role of the sphere of circulation when underestimating production factors. The subject is menus […]