Capital and Financial Transactions Account

The international movement of goods and services recorded in the current account of the balance of payments must be financed in some way. Financing is shown within several groups of balance of payments items, which are sometimes simplified as the balance of capital flows. Capital and financial account balance is a group of balance of […]

Consolidated income distribution account

For a generalized understanding of the reflection of the processes of distribution and redistribution of income and their results, expressed in the formation of disposable income of the economy, these processes can be reflected in the summary account. The consolidated income distribution account reflects the distribution and redistribution of a country’s income at the level […]

The concept of the world monetary system. The main elements of the world monetary system

The currency system is a form of organization and regulation of currency relations, fixed by national legislation or interstate agreements. From an economic point of view, the monetary system is a set of monetary and economic relations that have historically developed on the basis of the internationalization of economic ties. There are national, world (interstate, […]