Economic growth and restructuring of the Republic of Belarus

Economic growth often depends on the structure of the national economy, i.e. the ratio of industries and spheres that have developed in the country’s economy. It is either inhibited or stimulated by it. The main objective of structural adjustment in the Republic of Belarus can be formulated as follows: formation of a sustainable, sovereign national […]

Economic behavior of the individual: types and methods of realization

When we talk about other people, we say: “she is very cautious in her behavior” or “he has been behaving unreasonably risky lately,” or “if she continues to behave as persistently, she will undoubtedly succeed.” What are the basis for such estimates? After all, we are often unaware of what really drives a person in […]

Defensive strategies to protect competitive advantage

The main goal of the defensive strategy is to protect the competitive advantage and strengthen the position of companies Any company can become an object of attack from competitors, from both newcomers who want to enter the market, and existing players seeking to strengthen their positions. The purpose of the defensive strategy is to reduce […]