Forms of foreign economic relations

In world practice, a variety of forms of economic cooperation between the state and all its subjects with foreign countries, firms, banks are used. Foreign economic activity can be carried out in the following forms:

1. Foreign trade

2. Joint ventures and foreign enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

3. Joint ventures and foreign enterprises abroad

4. Scientific and technical cooperation (exchange of achievements of science and technology and joint implementation of scientific and technical works)

5. Technical and economic cooperation (assistance in the field of industrial and civil construction, provision of engineering and technical services)

6. International Tourism

7. Cooperation in free economic zones

8. Cooperation in the banking sector

9. Contractual cooperation

10. Rent, including leasing

11. International associations and organizations

12. Attraction of foreign labor

13. Production cooperation

14. Cooperation on a compensatory basis

15. Financial and industrial groups

16. Coastal and cross-border trade

17. Other forms of economic cooperation (associations, trading houses, stock exchanges, trades, etc.).