Economic feasibility of importing technologies

By importing new technologies, the buyer usually achieves significant savings in money and time in comparison with independent developments in this area. Large-scale research and development-
This work is costly, time-consuming, and the expected results are not always certain. Therefore, it is often easier to buy than to make it yourself. By acquiring new technologies, the buyer gets the opportunity to eliminate in a short time his technical lag in a particular area. And although not everything that is sold on the technology market is the latest scientific and technical achievements, nevertheless, purchases on the technology market open access to innovations of a high technical level. The acquisition of imported technologies is usually accompanied by relatively low costs for the development of production. This is explained by the fact that the sale usually receives practically proven technologies. In addition, the buyer can count on the help of a licensor for the development of production. mastering new technological processes. Practice shows that products manufactured using foreign technology are highly competitive. Therefore, part of the production of new products is sent to the foreign market, increasing the export opportunities of the buyer of the new technology. The above aspects of the expediency of exporting and importing technologies have determined the emergence and development of the world technology market. Entering this market and participating in technological exchange smooth out technological differences between countries and accelerate the process of economic and social development of individual states.