Competition strategies in the era of globalization

The globalization of the world economy is accelerating as countries, previously closed to foreign companies, open their markets and the Internet destroys distances. In the twenty-first century, any company wishing to achieve leadership in the industry should think about leadership in a global market, not a local one. In these conditions, ambitious, development-oriented companies are doing everything to take competitive advantageous positions in the markets of various countries. The globalization of the world economy requires bold offensive strategies to achieve an advantageous position in the market and powerful defensive strategies to protect the positions already won. E-commerce has changed the nature of the market, generated new driving forces and key success factors, created conditions for the formation of new strategic groups. For many companies, the use of e-commerce becomes a decisive competitive resource, and the rejection of it means a defeat in the competitive Fight.

This topic addresses the challenges a company faces when developing strategies for a multinational and highly competitive global environment. An analysis of the differences between multinational and global competition is proposed. In addition, we will talk about the peculiarities of business in foreign markets, strategies for entering foreign markets, the role of alliances with foreign partners, the importance of local operations in promising countries. He focuses on the challenges the company faces when developing competitive strategies in industries where the Internet and e-commerce play an important role. The subject of our discussion will also be the volatility of the business environment and the peculiarities of competition in e-commerce, new types of business models and strategies of Internet companies, offensive and defensive actions to turn e-commerce into a central link in the operations of traditional companies.